Wednesday, September 15, 2010

An outline of "Social Semantics" topics

A call for papers from DERI contains a good outline of topics relevant to real-time and ubiquitous Social Semantics:

  • From raw social data to semantic data
    • semantic grounding of raw social data
    • generation and aggregation of social semantics
    • ontologies and data models for social data representation and analysis
    • real-time semantic mining and analysis of social data
    • trends and dynamics in social semantic web
    • capturing and representing context in social networking
  • Ubiquitous Web and social semantics
    • integration of virtual and physical worlds
    • integration tools, technologies, and platforms
    • privacy, ethics, and confidentiality
    • presence tracking and semantic augmentation
    • semantic sensors and RFID
    • social semantics on mobile devices
  • Real-time querying frameworks and languages for social data
    • stream querying and reasoning on social data
    • location or time based reasoning, context based reasoning
    • querying volatile, moving and dynamic networks and data sources
    • dynamics, changesets and push-based notifications
    • scalability, approximate reasoning and querying in social applications
    • provenance and quality for querying social data

Anything you'd like to add to that list? Which ones do you see as the most important?

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